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Biologique Recherche is the epitome of French skincare; excellence, quality, expertise and passion.

Created in a Parisian research laboratory by the Allouche family. Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche, a Biologist, Physiotherapist and Clinical Doctor combined their knowledge and passion to write a unique and revolutionary page in the history of skin care.

When the company was founded, over forty years ago, it functioned as a research and development laboratory whose sole vocation was to develop formulations for dermal professionals dissatisfied with existing products.

Our biologically active and concentrated formulas, combined with a highly customised approach means Biologique Recherche is available exclusively through professional skin clinics and institutions, providing you with a truely bespoke skin care prescription.

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Principles of Formulation

Biologique Recherche holds firm to its principles of formulations which all boast the following specific characteristics.

  • High concentration of vitamin, mineral, botanical, marine and biological extracts
  • No artificial fragrances to preserve the integrity of the formulas and reduce the chance of reactions
  • Cold formulations to preserve and respect the integrity and structure of the raw ingredients. Heat methods can destroy the antioxidant, vitamin or biologic value of ingredient
  • Biologique Recherche always chooses the highest quality of active ingredients available
  • Products formulated to work synergistically with Remodelling Face Machine for immediate and dramatic results

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